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It has been a little while since we were last in touch, thank you for your continual usage and feedback on ConnectCV.

Today we are pleased to announce a new partnership for ConnectCV.
ConnectCV has partnered with Yolpme.com a social recruitment platform that enables you to search for online jobs, refer via social networks and earn cash from employers when your friends or colleagues are employed.

The partnership allows ConnectCV members to directly user their ConnectCV resume when applying for roles in Yolpme.

How do I earn cash?

  • Simply register with www.yolpme.com, link in your social networks and PayPal details – don’t forget to sign up for the daily new jobs email.
  • Visit the Yolpme Jobs board, and refer the jobs to your friends and colleagues via your social networks
  • If your contacts are successful you get the cash referral on offer, this could be $300 or $4000+
  • Video – How Yolpme works

How do I apply with my ConnectCV resume?

  • For any job that you would like to apply for, simply visit the job on Yolpme and select apply
  • Select “Import from ConnectCV Resume” add a Cover Letter and your selected ConnectCV resume will be sent to the employer

Can I do refer and apply for jobs on my iPhone?

  • Yes, and it could not be easier. Simply visit Yolpme’s mobile site – m.yolpme.com
  • Log in or Register and you can refer and / apply directly from your iPhone
  • Please ensure you have the phone set – Settings > Safari > Accept Cookies > From Visited

What is Yolpme?
Yolpme – is a referral based online marketing platform for employers to crowd source, via targeted social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email and soon to be Google+) for the best talent for their company.

Yolpme was launched in 2012 to take advantage of shifting market trends within the recruitment industry. Research shows 36% of people are now placed through referral, whilst 54% of job seekers use social networks to search for jobs and 89% of companies use social media to recruit.

Yolpme uses cash incentives to merge the power of peer to peer referral with the speed, efficiency and reach of social networks.

Yolpme for everyday users – Yolpme allows everyday users to earn cash rewards through the successful introduction of their friends to jobs posted by participating employers.

Yolpme for employers – Yolpme is a referral based platform for jobs, allowing employers to crowd source, via paid referrals, for the best talent for their company. One of the real strengths is the ability to target the passive candidates as well as reach the active candidates.

Yolpme’s mission is change forever the way employers locate their talent, by using incentivizing everyday people to use the power of their personal relationships, to connect the people they know with real job opportunities.

Put your networks to use with Yolpme

www.yolpme.com – Search. Refer. Earn
Connect with Yolpme – Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn |

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