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Matthew Quist

Police Detective/Polygraph Examiner at Milwaukee Police Department

Franklin Wi, United States | Government/Defence
Current Police Detective/Polygraph Examiner , Milwaukee Police Department
Previous Police Officer/Field Training Officer , Milwaukee Police Department
Education Master of Arts Clinical Psychology , Cardinal Stritch University

Elevator Pitch

An Ironman, Escapee from Alcatraz that brings strength, determination, and skills

Matthew Quist  is a 25 veteran detective/bilingual polygraphist in the Milwaukee Police Department. Mr. Quist has a wealth of experience, with a record of excellence and success. As a bilingual polygraphist/police detective Mr. Quist has conducted nearly 225 criminal polygraph, primarily on homicides, sexual assaults, armed robberies, other high profile cases, including numerous Spanish polygraph exams. Mr. Quist have conducted numerous interrogations, polygraph exams and confessions on homicides & other high profile cases that have all successfully stood the test of judicial scrutiny.

     Mr. Quist has been a detective in the Armed Robbery, Violent Crimes , Intelligence, Gang, Arson, Sexual Assault and Homicide Units. Mr. Quist has had high profile cases been profiled on International TV programs such as Aqua y Ahora and American’s Most Wanted. Mr. Quist has served also as a trained Crisis/Hostage Negotiator for the past 15 years. Mr. Quist has testified in state and federal court on numerous occasions, and is a judicially recognized expert witness.

     Mr. Quist holds an AA in Police Science, B.S. in Criminal Justice (G.P.A. 3.6) and has completed all 45 credits and 500 hour clinical practicum for a M.A. in Clinical Psychology (3.8 G.P.A.), upon completion of his thesis. Mr. Quist graduated from the National Training Center of Polygraph Science the oldest polygraph school in the USA in 2007/2010 from the American International Polygraph Institute. Mr. Quist has family currently extending deep into Latin American into Guadalajara Mexico, Port-Au-Prince Hati and friendships in Brazil Mr. Quist has university, Spanish (i.e., 4 years spoken/written native speaker level), elementry Portugese and is learning Haitian Creole/French. Mr. Quist is trained in S.C.A.N. (Forensic Statement Analysis) and Spanish/English Child Forensic Interview. Mr. Quist have an exhaustive police training background has attended advanced polygraph training and top police training such as Practical Homicide Investigations, Advanced PHI, and The John E. Reid Technique of Interviewing/Interrogation and The Advanced John E. Reid Technique.

       Mr. Quist is an elite athlete having competed the Ironman 70.3 Triathlon 2009, Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon 2008/2009, & 8 successful Alcatraz to SF swims, Marine Corps Marathon 2009, and numerous other triathlons, demonstrating his unyielding drive tenacity & determination that extends into the workplace as well. Mr. Quist has competed in the Ironman 140.6 mile Ultra Distance Triathlon 3 times and is am official finisher, planning other Ironmans and Alcatraz swims. " Live you Dreams!"- Andy Potts

Skills Overview

polygraph examiner (bilingual) / criminal investigator / crisis/hostage negotiator / child forensic interviewer (step-wise method) bilingual / homicide death investigator / fire/arson investigator / police patrol officer field training officer / Spanish Translator / Forensic Statement Analysis / Interviewing and Interrogations

Work Preferences

Looking for Full Time Work
Availability < 2 weeks notice