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Ondrea Graye

Forensic Chemist at Broward County Sheriff Office

Tampa, FL, United States | Science and Technology
Current Forensic Chemist, Broward County Sheriff Office
Interim Laboratory Manager, Intertek Caleb Brett
QA/QC Chemist, Intertek Caleb Brett
Previous Analytical Chemist, Florida Department of Agriculture
Education Bachelors of Science (Chemistry), Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University

Skills Overview

Mass Spectrometer / Agilent Networking GC System / Perkin Elmer Spectra 100 FTIR Spectrometer / Thermo Fisher IS10 FTIR / UV 2401PC / Metrohm 861 Advanced Contact IC / Microsoft Office / Grabner Vapor Pressure Tester VAP VPS / Grabner TV/L MINIVOL LVR / High Frequency Reciprocating Rig / Horiba Sulfer In Oil Analyser FLFA 2800 / Antek 9000 / pHe Meter / Karl Fischer Automatic Titrator / Herzog Automatic Flashpoint Tester / Pensky Martin Flashpoint Tester / Anton Paar Digital Density Meter / Metrohm 873 / Biodiesel Rancimat / Metrohm Titrano 809 / Emcee Microseparameter / Tanaka Micro Carbon Residue Tester / Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP)

Work Preferences

Looking for Full Time Work
Availability 2 - 4 weeks